Who We Are

We’re a professional services company that has been developing a wide range of developments with our disruptive Co-Development at Cost Methodology since 2008. This disruptive model was pioneered by CEO, Dave Williams-Jones at the height of the 2008 World Economic Recession as a means of creating professional work for his business when we were solely a cost engineering firm.

For the first time in history, this methodology has allowed investors to invest in property at its actual cost price affording our investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of significant profit margins that property developers enjoy. This low-risk model allows our investors to invest in a diverse range of property from mixed-use, residential, industrial and commercial office blocks. Our in-house cost engineers, architects and project managers, design, cost and manage the whole project development process from start to finish eliminating wasteful design to ensure our investors maximise their investment returns.

Whilst developing our own buildings, we also offer our traditional consulting services to a wide range of clients who enjoy the spin-off benefits of our own “in the trenches” development experience.

Our roots in cost engineering date back to 1953 but fast-track to 2008 and the World Economic Recesion forced us to reinvent ourselves. It was in these dark times that CEO Dave Williams-Jones developed a methodology that would completely reinvent South Africa’s property development industry. He named his new idea “The co-development at cost methodology”

Why Work With Us

We've Got Skin In The Game

We understand what investors are looking for and how to deliver the kinds of returns they’re after. Our fees are market-related and we co-invest in every development we undertake, right alongside our co-developers. This is a show of good faith and a commitment to the success of the project. 

We're Efficient & Effective

In the traditional way of developing property, it’s no secret that there are significant inefficiencies in the communication between the various professional services firms that result in wasted time and long development delays but this does not happen at FWJK where we work like a well-oiled machine.

We Take A Fresh Approach

We’re a professional services firm which develops property and we make our living by utilising our in-house architects, cost engineers and project managers. We've optimised the design process for speed, design efficiency and cost saving. While our business acumen and design ethos ensure that we develop properties that provide the highest possible equity returns for our investors.

We Deliver Value

Our flexible in-house team allows us to take on any type of development, from mixed-use to retail, industrial, and residential. We move with the market, and constantly evolve to stay ahead of the curve. We strive in every project we undertake to deliver quality and value for our investors in strategically selected areas around South Africa.