Located in the Kuils River district, on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, the newly completed Zevenview Shopping Centre designed by Darryn Botha of FWJK Architecture, stands as a testament to a minimalist yet contemporary architectural design, showcasing a harmonious blend of both form and function.

The building is characterised by its striking façade, made up of floating steel roof structures, black face-brick and composite timber panelling that accentuate its horizontal planes and create a sense of visual flow. The use of composite timber adds a tactile quality to the building, inviting visitors to engage with its materiality as they approach. The use of these materials also highlights the attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship that went into the construction of the building.

As one enters the shopping centre, the eye is immediately drawn to the soaring atrium that functions as the heart of the building. The walkway is framed by the use of slender steel columns, creating a sense of weightlessness and elevating the sense of space. The layout promotes a lively atmosphere, with a series of carefully positioned retail spaces that encourage movement and interaction.

The building’s horizontal planes are further emphasized through the use of continuous ribbon windows, which wrap around the perimeter of the structure. The interplay between the black face-brick feature panels and ribbon windows on the street edge creates a dynamic composition and provides a strong visual anchor, giving the building a sense of stability and permanence.

The newly completed shopping centre stands as a triumph of contemporary architectural design, blending materiality, form, and function to create an exceptional shopping experience for all who visit.